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User and Customer Experience One of the basic definitions of quality, is fitness for purpose. Hence as business owners before manufacturing goods, always research on the customer needs and wants and develop a products or services that are customized on the findings of your research. It is also necessary to handle customers well which are the services offered on top of the primary service or product commonly referred to as customer experience. It is common for companies with great product or services to make losses due to poor customer experience. Ways of understanding why the customers buy your product or services includes. Surveys conducted on consumers about how their use the product. This involves asking either the users direct questions about the specific uses of the product or service. Primary data collection can involve requesting consumers to answers various questions on the company website. The other way of user experience consulting is the indirect way of collection of data from various users. Such as developing of application that studies how mobile phone users make use of the devices. Direct study on how the consumer uses the product. This involves setting aside a room to carry out the experiments. Then they invite various users of their products or services. The users are given space to demonstrate what specifically they do with the product when they take it home. By making observations while the users are making demonstrations the company can learn about the various uses of a product. However this exercise can take relatively long time, and you may have to compensate the users for their time.
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Ways of improving customer services are. Company personnel that frequently interact with customers should have good interpersonal skills. They should always receive the customer warmly, make them feel welcomed and show appreciation for their interaction even when they do not make a purchase. Sales people should also try to remember frequent customers’ names, this makes the customer feel recognized by the company.
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Customers experience is also determined by the quality and quantity of communication between the company and the customer. Businesses should make a point to inform their customers of any disruption in supplies or changes in their operating hours. Replying to customers message is vital, especially messages of dissatisfied consumers. Customer and user experience are important product and service marketing techniques. User experience focus on making the product match the consumer needs and wants. While the goal of customer experience is the way of delivering the product or service to the customer should be outstanding. This strategies aim to increase the market share of the company.